Stag dos are now during the era of “unusual” and “unorthodox”. People tend to plan whole days or even trips for that occasion. While trip to Vegas might have been a way to enjoy it, spending half of the day getting tired on the shooting range might be a killer. And that’s not as bad idea, as doing some challenges, which might be just telling you to go home and enjoy that half of a whiskey you still have.

But you might want to still make it epic, memorable event for everyone. You have read a lot about Krakow bachelor parties, but you don’t fancy long courses, trips outside of the city, taking more time that actual fun or paying a lot of money for cool food for everyone. But you still want it to stuck in their heads. What do you do?

The answer is – you make it simple. Drinking and pub crawling works, because it is simple. People want to meet and talk. They will enjoy small variation as if it was big, because you are there with them. In that case, the best thing to do in Krakow for a stag night, would surely be a throwing axes club. In Bad Axe, for example, you get to enjoy throwing axes at target, you might bring your own beer and even take some photos in Viking cosplay. Whole introduction takes few minutes and you are ready to go. No one will pass on that.

With such start, after pumping some precious adrenaline into your veins during axe throwing you are ready to conquer the nightlife in Krakow. And you can be sure, that with all different and young people here, that will be worth your time.